Our Story


Our first picture ever together!

(Before we started dating)

Photos of us throughout the years...


Dan and i met through our friends jimi and whitney at oak street beach (hence my blog name).

It was june 25, 2011, my friend whitney called me in the morning to go to the oak street beach  to meet up with a guy, jimi, she met a few weeks ago. Of course, being a good friend, i said why not. I remember not wanting to go at all that morning and just didn't feel like getting dolled up to go, i actually was not expecting to meet a group of guys so I didn't care. 

we get to the beach and we start to look for these guys we were meeting up with. i had no idea what any of these guys looked like so i remember just looking around until whitney recognized someone. next thing i know, i was staring at this guy waving his hand like he was waving at us (it was dan), and asked whitney if that was them. she said yes and started walking towards them. there were 4 guys and remember thinking how i should've worn something better that morning, i was so embarrassed because these guys were actually pretty cute! we all introduced ourselves and started talking to each other. we all started talking about schools and i mentioned how i went to illinois state university. then dan yells out, "no way, me too!" we started chatting more about each other then we talked about our age.  i had mentioned how i just turned 21, dan's face lit up. He was only 19 at the time and he had just gotten his fake id taken away. next thing i know, dan asks for my number"to buy him alcohol" when we were back at school. i laughed and thought how i'd probably never see this guy at school anyways and gave it to him anyways. 

whitney and i had to leave the beach, so when we did, dan texted me right away saying "hi it's dan!" so i responded with, "sorry, idk a dan?!" (clearly, trying to flirt). and he responded with "we literally just met". I was obviously trying to be funny, and he already wasn't getting my sense of humor. I laughed and remember thinking, ok definitely never going to see this guy again. 

dan ended up adding me on facebook the next day (stalker alert!) and talked to me all summer. we would talk about anything and what we were doing through out the day. i was so surprised and confused on why this guy, whom i literally met for a day, kept talking to me. We knew nothing about each other and only had seen each other once. in my head i thought it was just nothing. at the time, i knew i didn't want a relationship and was so focused on school and was trying to figure out myself and have fun with my friends. 

i got so used to him talking to me everyday that i actually started to notice when he didn't text me. there was a whole week where i got nothing from him that i actually started to question if i had said anything wrong?...then i remembered thinking, wait, why do i care? i don't even like this guy...but then i realized maybe i did just a little bit? after that week he started talking to me again. he was on his canada trip and usually doesn't bring his phone with him, which made sense.

school finally started again. it was my junior year and i was so excited to see all my friends again. he kept talking to me and i remember he would always ask me what my plans were for the weekend. i would always say i was too busy with my friends or meeting at places but never really inviting him. i felt so mean, but i just didn't know what i wanted at the time and didn't know what his intentions were! 

around september 2011, he asked me to hang out with him, for his birthday. i finally said yes. we watched a movie and just hung out that night. I dropped him off back at his place (because i had my car there and he didn't) and he kissed me! i was so surprised and remember smiling. this guy was so sweet to me and could tell he liked me! we started to hang out more after that night. he also finally took me on a date at flat top (fancy date huh!). 

i was starting to like him more and more. Dan asked me to be his girlfriend on October 15, 2011 and made it official! we definitely had our ups and downs during our relationship, but that only made us stronger. the first time he ever said "i love you" to me was actually the same time i was ready to say it to him. it was 2012 new years eve, which seems so fast. but really we had started getting to know each other since the first time we met! it was so natural and pretty cute! 

we were dating for 4 and half years before dan proposed to me. i would say it was the perfect time since we had gotten to know each other so much. after we got engaged, we decided to move in together and now we are still here!  

look at us now! been together for 7 and a half years and married for 1 year! crazy how fast time flies. but, i love our story and how we met. i am such a believer in everything happening for a reason. i am so glad that i went to that beach that morning and met my soulmate. If i hadn't, i honestly cannot picture where or who i would be with today. meeting him that morning was the best thing that has ever happened to me. (i know, so cheesy!)