Thoughts & Plans

What I’m Wearing:


Growing up as a millennial, social media has always played a big role in my life. Remember AOL, Friendster, Myspace, and XANGA?! You name it, l had it. I enjoyed connecting with others from all over. It was my way of sharing my thoughts, experiences, tips, and things I loved with others. So, if you think about it, I have always been a blogger…

I started oak&haven in 2016 as my creative outlet, while working a full-time job (and still do). Sitting at a desk, forty hours a week, is not what I imagine myself doing. I am constantly thinking of things I love, care for, and inspire me, to be me. And so, here we are. It took longer for me to make it to where I am now, but practice makes perfect, right?!

I have been listening to Rachel Hollis’ Podcast, RISE, lately and it helped me see things in a different perspective. My energy and adrenaline to do something for ME, literally rose (props to my gal pal Jules, for the rec).

I knew that I wasn’t happy where I was (career wise) and how badly I wanted to take my blog to the next level. I was constantly making excuses on why I couldn’t post anything and how my content wasn’t original enough. Well guess what, you’re never going to have the ‘time’ for it, unless you make time for it (cliché, I know). Contents are also never going to be original, unless you make it YOUR OWN. With so many bloggers out there, talking about the same things, brands etc., it is challenging to think of new things! The only way you can be ‘original’ is by putting you own style and voice to it.

The more serious I got and the more photos I posted, the more ‘judged’ I felt. I know that a lot of people think, doing this is ‘weird’ and that it’s nothing serious…I knew this was going on, but I still found myself discouraged by it.

I talked to Dan (my hubby) about it and his response was “EFF IT! Who cares?! You love it and they can judge all they want. That shouldn’t stop you…” (Imagine your coach yelling at you, because that’s how it was - Dan is literally my life coach and I am so thankful for him, everyday)

He’s right though, who cares?! I’m sure everyone felt this way sometime in their life (raise your hand, if you have). That can’t ever stop you.


I started to write everything down and planned…

From my favorite brands to my everyday thoughts and lifestyle, I was finally excited about something.

These are my promises while sharing all those things with you…

  1. Make sure that I stay consistent and true to my brand.

  2. Share strong contents that I love to express. From fashion to everyday lifestyle, you’ll see it all.

  3. Stay honest and work with brands/products I believe in and have worked for me.

  4. While I know writing is not my strongest trait, I do enjoy it. I will be writing more of my thoughts and experiences to get to know me at a personal level.

  5. Lastly, I want to inspire you and show you how relatable I am.

oak&haven is a place to welcome you to my everyday fashion & lifestyle. Thank you for following along and joining me in this journey.